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Tradition & Innovation

Brandimarte Jewels Collection

The innovation of Brandimarte

Glasses and decanters


Brandi's medal

The Scrigno

The tradition of Brandimarte

The beauty of the past preserved in the present:
chiselling, hammering and craftsmanship that has always distinguished the brand.


Artistic masterpieces




Special products

On our exclusive design with the best Florentine craftsmen and the Tuscany territory are created our ideas in 925 silver products, cashmere and lines by alternatives wearing. Chisels, glasses, decanters, bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants and much more. Each item is unique and customizable.

Discover the collections "Traditional" and "Innovation"

Lavorazione dell'argento Brandimarte a Firenze

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Wedding list

Prodotti in argento per la casa lista nozze

The Wedding's day is an unique event ad the elements that make it beautiful.

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La Nazione

"Brandimarte, il ritorno...
...una nuova vita per l’argento del Brandi...
Argento per tutti i giorni a partire dalla tavola!"

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