The history and the daily use of the Brandimarte's silver


"Bianca is my name, I'm part of the third Brandimarte's generation,I am the daughter of Stefano,the nephew of Brandimarte Guscelli and my big goal is bring Silver to daily use and educate the international market to appreciate the beauty and the unique Characteristics of it".

Brandimarte, founded in 1955, is a traditional Florentine history, created by Brandimarte Guscelli, born in a street down the Victory Bridge.

Brandimarte has employed workers, created training to learn how to manage the silver, he gave work to prisoners, and while he was following the enlightened artisan flair of its founder,he adopted two important innovative revolutions in the field of silverware; the first one was a technical nature which involved "hammering" the metal, as he had seen the gypsies with copper and the second was proposing the silver items in everyday home, using them commonly, breaking the customary silver product as a piece of luxury to show.

The Brandimarte's silvers are forged by hand for over 100 employees and by the sudden death of the founder, in 1994, the company will be followed by the sons Stefano and Giada Guscelli, always present on the holding.

They will continue working about the handicraft technique and the how-know Made in Italy.

New lines are created, one of these is the "Wine Collection": decanter and glasses 925 silver tasting, following the successful trend of the wine sector as silver has organoleptic properties and antibacterial properties, thereby enlarging the retail to foreign markets.

Brandimarte's chisels continue to be appreciated especially by the Russian market.

First in Via Bartolini, the company then moved in Viale Ariosto, Lungarno Acciaiuoli and on the recently years in Via Foscolo.

In 2016 the brand has been bought by entrepreneur and owner of Remax Rinascimento Stefano Marchetti, partner of Guscelli Bianca.

Today Bianca Guscelli is strongly committed to carry on the tradition and the historic Florentine brand family.